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Protect British Columbia's Endangered Old-Growth Forests and Forestry Jobs Petition - Recent Signatures

Total Online Signatures: 16644

50 Most Recent Signatures:

Name City, Province/State Cntry Comments
Racheal TaulorVixtoria, BCCAN
Katarzyna Klimczewskawarszawa, mazowieckiePOL
Darren Beatty Victoria , BCCAN
anita mossManchester, NoneGBR
Bill CameronOTTAWA, OntarioCAN
Craig ClarkeNanaimo, BCCANLet's join the 21st Century
Kevin SteeleComox, British ColumbiaCAN
Janelle SimoneauVictoria , BCCAN
Delee McDougallRegina, SaskatchewanCAN
Susan MooreVictoria, British ColumbiaCAN
Thomas BlightFredericton, New BrunswickCAN
Paul WhiteOjdula, CovasnaROM
Kyver SchofieldVictoria, BCCANI'd like also to see included in this petition...a switch from clear cutting to selective cutting
Sheena GrahamBrentwood Bay , BCCAN
Susan WallaceMill Bay, BCCAN
Danya HillyardMill Bay, BCCAN
Chance DaviesDenman Island, BCCANSave our Ancient Forests please. We wil never have the same ecosytems alive in the same way as they are. We must protect and honor nature.
Elaine LongworthCanterbury, KentGBRAncient woodlands are the lungs of our beautiful planet. In preserving them we help to ensure our own survival.
chris devitocoquitlam, b.cCAN
Michael LargeVictoria, British ColumbiaCANIt is utterly insane that this exploitative culture will cut old growth forests down to the last tree, and then lose the jobs too. Utter madness. Hey, but if it makes a few Richie Ricks a little richer, and helps keep their political puppets in power...
Dirk MacKenzieVictoria, BCCAN
Emery HartleyVictoria, BCCAN
Avery GottfriedVictoria, British ColumbiaCAN
Justin de Freitas Vancouver , BCCAN
David CrockerSeattle, WAUSAIt is heartbreaking to see the immense magnificent trees being taken down, never to be seen again. Why can't we/you learn from the world's mistakes and stop this horrific destruction? Do it now!
Fran AlexanderFayetteville, ARUSAFor gods sake, leave something on this earth as nature intended it to be!!! We desperately need to gene pools of these plants and ecosystems to search for the medicines and systems to sustain life. Don't be fools and touch those trees!! Horrors!!!!
Mavis DixonVancouver, BCCANProtect all sides of the lake and the incredible forests. Prevent the clearing of trees and the building the of the road. There are other places that aren't ancient that can give the wood.
Mikael JohanssonOttawa, OntarioCAN
Jennifer SibibaldVancouver, BCCAN
Emily MayVictoria, BCCAN
Kaila WaltonPrince George, BCCAN
Jacob McBrideTofield, AlbertaCAN
Johnston LiuVancouver, B.CCAN
Joseph ClarkVallejo, CaliforniaUSA
James CarmichaelSurrey, British ColumbiaCAN
Austin R. CallSeattle, WAUSAWith 20% of wild spaces left on the planet, protect these ancient forest before they are cut down.
W. Cary GrybaParksville, BCCAN
Mark Van RoonVancouver, British Columbia CAN
Mikhail CrispinSts'ailes, BCCANPreservation of land is key for the survival of many things, for our future generations - everything from the ecosystems, our culture, a delicate balance where everything is interconnected and should be protected for all people.
Michelle GirouardPointe Claire, QCCANSave our trees!
Robert WildVictoria, BCCAN
Kellan ShiptonBeaverdell, British ColumbiaCAN
francois charles jullienmontréal, québecCANces grands et vieux arbres sont des témoins irremplaçable de la vie sur terre, des gardiens d'une valeur au moins égale aux temples et vestiges anciens laissés par l'homme. il est absolument indispensable des les protéger à tous prix.
Keely jade DakinVancouver, BCCANThe lives of these great creatures are precious and indeed sacred. There is no acceptable cash recompense for their loss.
Mireille DionHinchinbrooke, QuebecCAN
stephanie beaulieuSAINT-ANDRÉ-AVELLIN, QuebecCAN
Julian BurdVictoria, BCCANThanks for all the hard work and dedication in fighting for far sighted and responsible forest management and preservation practices.
Jeremiah StaggsWynndel, British ColumbiaCAN

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