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Protect British Columbia's Endangered Old-Growth Forests and Forestry Jobs Petition - Recent Signatures

Total Online Signatures: 18166

50 Most Recent Signatures:

Name City, Province/State Cntry Comments
Kevin WebberVictoria, BCCAN
Beth AllanVictoria, BCCAN
Charley EdwardsHawarden, SaskatchewanCANOnly when man has cut the las tree, caught the last fish and shot the last deer will man know, you cannot eat money....Namaste'
Cheryl LeptichCarnduff , SkCAN
Brian LeptichCarnduff, SaskatcheanCAN
JoAnna FreemanCarnduff, Saskatchewan CANSave the ancient forests!
Brady LeptichCarnduff, SaskatchewanCANyou shouldn't be able to log ancient forests for money. The impact on the earth is not worth it for a company to get rich
Hunter WinnHolland, MIUSA
Cody GrahamVictoria, British ColumbiaCAN
Carol WilkinsChemainus, B.C.CANWe must stop commodifying our grandchildren's future. These wonderous old growth trees are testament to nature's capacity and this planet's sacred place in this solar system and perhaps the universe.
Ella WindsorCoquitlam , British Columbia CANProtect the old growth forests!!!!
Hunter HillVictoria, British ColumbiaCANThere is no feeling closer to the divine than what is felt when standing amidst the ancient groves of monumental trees.
Holly KrabbendamAldergrove, BCCAN
Gary Crockerjamul, caUSA
scott InglisKitchener, OntarioCAN
Eoghan DaltunBeara, Co. CorkIRL
Bob Martinvictoria, BCCANCORRECTION FROM BELOW. Bob Martin Victoria bc Canada Please see my story by going to my Vaccine Injury Compensation Program site and others if you search Bob Martin vaccine injuries or contact me i had to chang my mail to send
Bob Martinvictoria, OntarioCANGood for all who stand together i need signatures on my site soon ePetition Federal Govt in April. It is for the benefit of all Canadians see: my video from 2015 and other sites for Truthful information. Bob Martin GBS Survivor
David IsslerWestfield , New YorkUSA
Shirley AndersonVancouver, BCCAN
Andrea ShannCampbell River , BcCAN
Sarah GrayBrooklin, ONCAN
Kendra RunnallsVancouver, BCCAN
Nathanael SpergerRaleigh, NCUSAOld growth cannot be brought back.
Sheila PaulCobble Hill , BCCAN
Johnny GagnonOttawa, OntarioCANTrees and forests are inherent to Earth providing balance in environment to sustain mammals and other life forms , all of which are inter dependent upon one another for their existence and survival
Aude LancelotCharleville-M├ęzieres, ArdennesFRA
Chester HansenToronto, ONCAN
Michelle QuaifeTahsis, British ColumbiaCANStop this senseless and unsustainable destruction...Now!
Angela Treat LyonChico, CAUSA
Anita rose CorreaVictoria, BCCANStop old growth logging now
Fred HallVictoria, BCCAN
Deb BrownRR #4 Coldwater, ONCAN
Laura MoroVictoria, BCCAN
Cathy GreenwellWindsor, OntarioCANMake it law to protect these magnificent areas...New Zealand well done...has granted the river same legal rights as a person...
Ian Clarkewhiterock, bcCAN
vicki pauzewhiterock, bcCAN
Mary MasseyPenetanguishene, OntarioCAN
Brian MackVancouver, BCCAN
Jewelle FretwellHalfmoon bay , B.C CANStop the clearing of these beautiful ecosystems
Jason BoydSandstone point, QueenslandAUS
Shawn RiberdyNewwestminster , BCCAN
Martin GottseligPort Alice, British ColumbiaCAN
alex hannigancalgary, abCANfuck you logging companies and long live this petition
Stacey FrancisCassidy, British columbia CANPlease protect this forest at all cost.
Amanda BoltwoodKelowna, BCCAN
Montana Maskelldelta , bcCAN
Brandon GaschoKitchener, ONCAN
Chris SandlVictoria, BCCAN

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